1. course prefix: This is the 4 or 5 letter abbreviation of the course e.g. MATH for Mathematics, CSCI for Computer Science, ENGL for English, etc.
  2. course number: This is the number that comes after the course prefix e.g. CSCI 1302 or ENGL 1101
  3. course name: This is the "official" course name. For instance, ENGL 1101 is officially called "ENGLISH COMP I".
  4. call number: This is the number uniquely identifying the section of the course. A course has many sections and a section can have many different meeting times.

Adding Classes

  1. Search for a course by any combination of the course prefix, course number or course name. Please don't be alarmed if you only type the course prefix and receive results that don't match the course prefix exactly. This is because the course prefix you are searching for is also in the course name of some of the results that were returned to you.
  2. If you choose to search by couse prefix only, I recommend entering the term and having a space after the word. If that doesn't work, add a number after the space e.g. ENGL 11 or HIST 22 to bring up more specific results.
  3. If you know the exact course prefix and course number, please type it out and choose the dropdown selection. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR THE FORM TO WORK.
  4. Choose from the autocomplete menu or manually enter the course you desire in this manner as long as you separate the course prefix from the course number by a dash or space
  5. Select a section from the list and your choice will be automatically submitted.

Saving Schedules

  1. This feature is available only to users that have signed up for the site.
  2. You can sign up for the service at any point during schedule creation.
  3. After signing up, you will be able to save your schedule to the database right away but you will need to confirm and activate your account by clicking the activation link sent to the email address you provided during signup.

Sharing Schedules

  1. This feature is only available for users who have signed up for the service.
  2. First, login to the service and create your schedule
  3. Then, visit the Save Schedules page by clicking on your gravatar and selecting the appropriate link named "Save Schedules"
  4. After giving your schedule a name e.g. XXXXXX, you can share the schedule by appending the short name to the end of this url: http://apps.janeullah.com/coursepicker/share/id=XXXXXX